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Hello Bob,

I have been surrounded by boys for most of my life. Growing up, I had brothers and when I got married, I was blessed with two sons. So when my younger brother had a baby girl I was so excited! When ‘Paige’ was born, she was a doll and I simply could not get enough of her.

When Paige was 3 however, my husband got an irresistible job offer, over a thousand miles away so our visits had to be limited. A few years later, my brother passed away from a tragic accident. Paige’s mom did a wonderful job of raising her, but it was harder than ever to get to spend time with her… and because she was afraid to fly, I only got to see her when I could make the trip back. The summer she turned 16, I invited her to fly out to visit. When I mentioned I had Kenny Chesney tickets, she was so excited she put aside her fear of flying and headed to Fort Worth. We connected as though no time was missed. We now see each other more often, but after that concert, Kenny’s song “Summertime” became our song. Would you play it for my niece Paige? I know we’ll both be listening! Thank you.


Fort worth, Texas


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