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Our Song Spotlight this week highlights a tune by a rising star from Sumter, South Carolina. Lee Brice has been writing songs, singing, and playing piano and guitar since he was a child. In 2007, he began working as a songwriter, and his name appeared in the writer’s credits on songs by the likes of Jason Aldean and Garth Brooks. He also signed with Curb Records that same year, and soon became well known in Music City as a singer/songwriter and entertainer.



Lee’s latest single to enter the countdown is titled, “Drinking Class,” a tune that pays tribute to the man who rises early and works hard every day. Co-written by Josh Kear, David Frasier, and Ed Hill, it celebrates good times, including the consumption of alcohol... although Lee maintains that the song really isn’t about drinking. “It’s about working-class folks,” he says. How high will Lee and his new anthem climb? You can track the progress right here on any time, tune in each weekend to the countdown, or… both!







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