Listener Request - April 9, 2011


My  story, Bob, is all about decisions.  When I began seeing Brittney, it was a whirlwind relationship, we rushed things and I wasn’t making very good decisions.  Before long, we found out that Brittney was expecting and it was a really stressful time for her as I continued messing up.

Well, about two months before the baby was due, I got a call from Brittney’s mother saying Brittney was in the hospital.  When I finally got myself over there, I found out that our unborn baby had stopped breathing and they wanted to do an emergency c-section.  When Gunnar was born, he still wasn’t breathing, weighed just 4 pounds, and he was blue.

As they rushed him to NICU, they inserted a breathing tube and gave him a 50/50 chance.  Seconds later, he wrapped his tiny little hand around my finger.  That little guy spent his first two months in intensive care.  

Two years later, we have a healthy blond haired blue eyed boy, and we just welcomed our daughter in to the world… and it was much smoother this time. In the time in between, Brittney and I got married and I turned my life around.
The song I’m requesting is “In Color”… the song I heard the first time driving home from that hospital, leaving Gunnar there to fight for his life.  He opened up my eyes and showed me the color in life and what I could miss if I didn’t make the right choices.  

U.S. Army, Germany


dierksbentley-longtripaloneHello Bob,

The song I’d like to request is Dierks Bentley’s “Long Trip Alone”.  And I’d like to send it out to my two best friends in the whole world, Kara and Laura.  We all love Dierks Bentley and his music and last summer we all got to see him in concert at the Hodag Country Music Festival in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

At one point during the show, we were standing in the crowd arm-in-arm when “Long Trip Alone” began to play.  Dierks began singing and the words to the song hit us all at the same time.  We just looked at one another and started to tear up because we knew that we’d all be going our separate ways at the end of the summer.

Of course, now, here I am going to college in Fargo, North Dakota, 500 miles away from them.  “Long Trip Alone” is our song and I send it out to my best friends with all the love in my heart.  It is a long trip alone, and everybody stumbles sometimes and needs a hand to hold.   And I know that we will always be there to hold each other when we need it.

Thank you,
Fargo, ND