Listener Request - March 12, 2011

keithwhitley-whenyousayDear Bob,

Our second child, Lauren will soon turn 17, and when she was born in 1994, she was, by all appearances a healthy baby girl. But less than 24 hours later, my husband and I were told the had contracted bacterial meningitis, and the doctors gave us little hope since it was in her spinal fluid as well as her bloodstream. And if, by some miracle, she did recover, our baby daughter would be deaf and brain damaged.

But a miracle did occur and Lauren made a complete recovery, with no damage to her intellect or hearing. We were truly blessed. When Alison Krauss came out with her new version of Keith Whitley's, “When You Say Nothing At All”, I made an immediate connection to Lauren in the neonatal intensive care unit a year earlier.

Because of her condition, Lauren was placed in a “low stimulation” unit, and we were instructed not to talk or move her during our visits. But the first time she was restless, I softly touched her hand and she grabbed my finger and actually quieted. So when I heard Alison's soft, female voice sing, “the touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall”it sounded almost like a lullaby, and the song had an entire new meaning for me. It really is amazing that without saying a word, someone can speak right into your heart. 

Garden City, AL


tobykeith-howdoyoulikeHi Bob,

Whenever I'm asked who my hero is, my answer is always my father. As I was growing up, my dad never listened to country music. But, when my sister,  my mother and I came home with a mix cd of country, my dad loved it! Quickly, Toby Keith became my dad's favorite artist. He then tried his hand at karaoke, which, come to find out, he was pretty good at!

I often find my dad walking around the house singing, because it makes him happy. His favorite Toby Keith song will always be the one we used to sing together when I was younger. Please play “How Do You Like Me Now?” for my father, Jimmy. I love you dad.

Marsfield, MA