Listener Request - March 5, 2011

zacbrownband-chickenfriedHi Bob!

I love to travel and last year, I went to Okinawa, Japan to visit my sister, who is a Marine stationed there.  We did lots while I was visiting, but the one thing that stands out the most is our time at Western World.  This is an American themed restaurant and bar, placed overseas for the military personnel.

While at Western World, one song they played, Zac Brown’s “Chicken Fried”, was different from all the other songs.  For that song, people sat right down on the dance floor, in a circle, with their legs outstretched, tapping their cowboy boots in unison.  And when it came to the end of the song where they mention saluting the ones that gave their lives, everyone in the circle thumped their boots even louder!

Of course, every time I’ve heard the song since, it reminds me of my sister, as well as all the wonderful men and women serving our country. I hope you can play it for Erin and all the amazing marines I met. 

Thanks so much,
Syracuse, NY


rascalflatts-mywishDear Bob,

The song, “My Wish” says what is in my heart, to my son, Kevin.  It has long been his dream to become a professional hockey player and like any parent, I have supported him in his efforts to achieve his goal. 

At age 16, Kevin moved away from home to play with the U.S. Development Team in Michigan.  He lived with a wonderful family and finished high school there.  It was very difficult to let him go a such a young age, but his dream has always defined him, and with his ambition, he was going! 

Kevin is now 22 and is still at it, playing in the A.H.L, the American Hockey League.  He has worked hard to get where he’s going.  Please play “My Wish” not only to let him know we love him and continue to support him, but even more importantly, we know the character he has developed in the past six years will last him through his life, no matter what he does. 

Thank you, 
Rochester, NY