Listener Request - February 19, 2011

Dear Bob,

I am a 42 year old wife and mom with two kids now in college.  I started dating my husband Bruce when I was 15.  He was a senior in high school and we’ve been together 28 years .  Who knew that first date at 15 would change my whole life!

Anyway, now as we start this new phase of our lives with an empty nest, I look forward to it being just the two of us again.  Bruce has been a wonderful father, my best friend, and the most supportive of husbands.  He was totally behind me as I attended night school to complete my bachelor’s degree and open my own business.

We’ve had our share of stormy weather, but I wouldn’t trade one day.  Although some people wouldn’t say the same thing after 28 years, I’m so glad I married Bruce!  So, you could please play “You Again”?  Because I most definitely would choose him again.  

Thank you,  
East Freetown, MA


timmcgraw-livelikeyouweredyingHi Mr. Kingsley,

I am 14, I show pigs, ride horses and I’m pure country through and through.  I would love it if you played “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw for my dad, because I’m his little girl, forever.  He’s always treated me like a princess, always buying me stuff and he fixes the 4-wheeler or whatever else I broke. He’s even teaching me how to drive a standard.  

Several years ago, dad fell and hurt his back very badly and he still has real bad back problems.  But, he never stops working, even after a hard day of work in the heat of the day in Oklahoma on power lines. He still comes home and works on stuff around the house and takes me to pig shows and to play-days.  He’s always helping me and my sister when we ask.  And when the hurricane hit Louisiana, he went down there and helped.  And with many more disasters.  He’s my hero and always will be. 

Thank you so much,
Ada, OK