Listener Request - February 12, 2011

rascalflatts-iwontletgoHi Bob,

I'm 19 years old, and I listen to you every Saturday morning on my way to work. I know I'm pretty young, but adult-hood started early for me and there's one song that really fits my story.

You see, in high school I was dating a girl that I thought would be the one. But, I was very wrong. That same year, I became a lot closer to Renae who I had known for years. I had always thought a lot of her, but nothing extra special. But here it is, three years later‚ and Renae and I are married, are happier than ever, and we have an adorable little 2 year old girl.

Granted, I have been a father now since my junior year. But it did not stop me from graduating high school and graduating with my classmates. And truthfully, if it hadn't been for Renae, I would never have been able to do that. As much as we have been through, we always work it out. I know how fortunate I am. She and my daughter are my reasons to keep on keepin' on.

I would like you to play, "God Bless the Broken Road". It was the song played at our wedding, and it's her ring tone on my phone. I love her so much. 

Thank you, 
Ripley, MS


bradpaisley-hedidnthavetobeDear Bob,

I'm a dad with two great boys and a high spirited little girl. My wife stays at home, taking care of the household and is a terrific neighbor on base. Everybody knows my family and my dogs...and I like it that way! But right now, my thoughts are with my oldest son, Tyler. He is living in Illinois with his mom, my ex. 

Tyler has been going through a lot these past few years, causing him to think about ending his life. This has understandably caused much worry and prayer from those who love him. The first time I heard Brad Paisley's song, "Letter to Me", it seemed like someone was looking at my life when they wrote it. I laughed, I smiled, and I cried.  Tyler is a guitarist and songwriter, although his music at this point in his life, is a bit different than Brads!

I'd like him to know that he is not alone in his struggles; that many others have gone through similar difficulties, and that if he gives himself a chance, his life will turn out alright. Then, in a few years, he can write "a letter to me" of his own.

Thank you so much,
Edwards Air Force AFB, CA