Listener Request - March 3, 2012


Hi Bob,

I’d like to request a song with a message for my daughter, Alicia.  For a 15 year old, she has more heart than anybody I know and I am so fortunate to have her in my life.  Alicia is outgoing, generous, bubbly and is always looking out for someone.  

When she was five years old, Alicia’s dad and I divorced.  And boy, time seems to slip away.  I’m realizing that it won’t be all that long and soon, she’ll be gone -- off to whatever her path might be.  I’m going to miss our weekend drives in the car, when I drive her to see her dad and back home again because it’s just us.  We have time to just talk, sing along with the radio and be silly together.

I’d like Alicia to know that I will always be there for her, and stand beside her, and guide her, no matter how rocky or steep the road gets.  Please play Rascal Flatt’s “I Won’t Let Go”.  When I hear that song, I always think of her and what she means to me.  And it reminds me of what my job as parent should be.  

Council Bluffs, IA



Mr. Kingsley,

I realize that not all wives and their mothers-in-law are the best of friends, but my daughter-in-law, Molly, and I have always been close and we love each other dearly.

Well, some years back, Molly was having back trouble and we were in and out of Boston, seeing doctors.  I always drove and I would have my country station on the radio.  One time, Sara Evans came on, singing “Suds in the Bucket”.  Molly turned to me said, “Really, Evelyn.  Suds in the bucket and clothes hanging out on the line?”  We both had a good laugh.  For a while after that, when that song came on the radio at home, I would dial Molly and put the phone up to the radio! 

On a more serious note, we have been through a lot in our family in the past few years, but I have “Suds in the Bucket” as her ring tone and every time I hear it, I know my favorite Molly is calling to brighten my day!   

Thanks Bob,
Holbrook, MA