Listener Request - March 12, 2012


Hi Bob,  

My name is Shannon, and I’m a 19 year old, working two part time jobs and going to school full time.  My boyfriend, James, is an active duty specialist in the U.S. Army, stationed at Fort Gordon, in Georgia.

Well, any chance of seeing him is out the window, as there is not a day I’m not in school or at work.   It’s exactly 398 miles from where I live in Florida to Fort Gordon, and due to the mission he’s assigned, he is unable to leave a 250-mile radius.  Everyday, I get up, say a prayer to keep him safe, and I go about my day, with him constantly on my mind.

Well, I just recently found out that James is being re-assigned to Fort Benning to be trained as a sniper.  As a sniper, there will be times he will be deployed, and not even be able to tell anyone.

I trust, no matter what, he will always come home, but in between those times, it is a battle to stay happy.  If you could please play “Come Home Soon” by SheDaisy for James and me, I would be so grateful.  

Thank you,
Montverde, FL     



Dear Bob,

I was raised here in central South Dakota, on our family farm and ranch, and come from a very close family.  Last October, I lost by baby sister, Laina, in a vehicle crash.  She had just turned 26.  Laina leaves behind her husband, Jay, of 3 years and beautiful daughter, Paiton, now almost 2.

My sister loved music and would sing and play guitar for only her closest fans.  My 9-year-old daughter, Emmarie started piano lessons 3 years ago in hopes to someday sing and play alongside Laina.

At the funeral, Jay asked Emmarie to sing a duet of the song “If I Die Young”, and let me tell you, she nailed it.  Not a quiver or mistake.   I’m sure my sister was watching that day and is very proud of Emmarie.  And I can imagine how proud she is now of her husband for how hard he is working to get through everything.  He really is a great dad.
The empty spaces in so many lives my sister touched is immense, and that song could not have come around at a better time.  Please play “If I Die Young” in memory of Laina.  

With warmest regards,
Winner, SD