Listener Request - March 17, 2012


Dear Bob,

I am the single mother of a wonderful daughter, who happens to be the light of my life.  But when I think back to her birth, boy was that a juggling act.  Breann was born 10 weeks premature, and she spent 25 days in neonatal intensive care.  On top of that, I had a job that demanded most of my time and my bosses were my ex-in-laws, which that didn’t help matters much.

Truth is, I hated the job but I hung with it, because my daughter having medical insurance was just too important to me.  In fact, she had to be hospitalized 3 times before she was 2 years old.  But, coming home to Breann was what got me through a lot of long days!

When John Michael Montgomery’s “Home To You” came out, it became “our song.”  Especially the verse about, “hanging out in our old sweatshirts, you let me complain about a hard days work.  I don’t know what I did to deserve to come home to you”.

Of course, new music comes and takes the place of the old.  And my daughter grew up and now has a daughter of her own.  But the other day, I found that cd and put it on and called Breann and played it to her over the phone.  I could just tell there were tears rolling down her face as she began to cry because she knew that was “our song.”

So, if you would, please play it for us.  It would mean a lot.  

Thank you,
Theresa Smith
Junction City, OR



Hi Bob,

My name is Brooke and I’m a freshman in high school.  At my school they have a program, Junior R.O.T.C. that teaches students how to train for the military.  Well, my Uncle Ronnie is currently serving as a Navy officer, and it’s always been my dream to follow after my uncle, except I want to go into the Army.

This weekend, Uncle Ronnie is coming home after being overseas for seven months.  I am beyond excited because he is one of my biggest role models and I don’t really get to see him that often.  

Could you please play the Montgomery Gentry song, “Something To Be Proud Of”?   That song always reminds me of Ronnie and is one that he really likes.  And when he’s home, I want to get to hear it dedicated to him - by his niece!  

Elizabethtown, KY