Listener Request - March 24, 2012


Dear Bob,

Twelve years ago, my wife brought home the first of what would be 50 foster children, all under age six.  We had decided to give something back for all of our blessings.

Well as they say, the first of anything is always special.  Kim Kim was all of 6 weeks old and I fell in love with her from the start.  She quickly became daddy’s little girl; going everywhere with me anytime she could.

Kim Kim stayed with us for 2 and a half love filled years before eventually returning to her biological family.  By the way, this little girl was African American, but would bee bop to my wife’s country music any chance she got.

Well, we never forgot our little Kim Kim and often wonder how she’s doing.  So, the song we are requesting was one of her favorites.  She would stop in her tracks as soon as this song came on and dance up a storm! And whenever we hear it to this day, it still brings a smile to our faces.  Please play The Tractors’ “Baby Likes To Rock It.”   

Shorty and Linda
Ocala, FL



Hey Bob,

I am so proud of my boyfriend, Tite.  He is following his dreams, working on one of the legendary ranches of Texas.  Meantime, I am here in Alberta, studying to be an elementary school teacher.   So, we only get to see one another during the summer months when he returns to Canada.

Well, one night when talking on the phone, I mentioned how much I missed him.   Immediately, he started to sing a song - which he said reminds him of our most special memories together.

“The Keeper Of The Stars” has become everything that embodies us.  The stars have been our audience for so many special moments:  the first time we met around a campfire, the night of our first kiss, and the night he asked me to be his girlfriend.

So now, whenever I start to miss him, he reminds me that the stars are the one thing that connects us, from all the miles apart.  And even when we cannot see them, they are always there. I’m hoping you can play our song on your program, so Tite knows how much I love him and cannot wait until our dreams come true.  Until then, we’ll always have the stars.  

Thank you,
Lethbridge, Alberta CAN

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