Song Spotlight - Josh Thompson - Comin' Around


Josh Thompson’s blend of twang and rock’n’roll on his new single “Comin’ Around” fits in the Country Top 40 like a pair of well-worn Wranglers.  After co-writing the song with Rodney Clawson and Kendell Marvel, Thompson says he held back from pitching it to other artists for over a year because he knew this one was special.

“It’s one of those songs that doesn’t ever happen, I mean it happens once or twice every other year maybe.”

After his first label, Columbia, dissolved in a merger with RCA Nashville last year, Thompson hit the road, with a new album recorded but unreleased.  The album’s title, Change, reflects not just the shift from one label to another but also a young man’s development seen with wistful hindsight:

I'm comin' around, I'm figurin' out
A lot of things I thought I knew
I never dreamed I'd be seein' things
From this point of view

Anchored by a churning banjo riff, “Comin’ Around” gracefully maneuvers between the day-to-day details of hating Daddy’s music and going to church on Sundays to the broad insights gained only from experience.

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