Listener Request - March 31, 2012


Hey Bob,

Because my dad is in the Navy, we’ve moved every 3 years and never really called anywhere home.  This is one reason I listen to country music.  Country singers and songwriters seem to understand that love and family are the most important things in life.  So when I think of home, I think of my family, because they are my home.

My dad has always been my hero.  However, I never realized how much I really needed him until he was deployed to Kuwait for a year.  I never could have imagined how weird it would be not to see him for an entire year.

So, could you please play Rodney Atkins’ “Watching You” for him because I think it explains best, how, when I was little I wanted to be just like him, and how I still do.  

Virginia Beach, VA



Dear Bob,

Growing up, I was so excited to become a high schooler one day.  And now I just want to get the heck out of here!  Being in high school, I think you get so trapped in the drama that you aren’t able to see the real things in life.

The song I want you to play is Brad Paisley’s “Letter to Me”.  It makes me know that everything’s going to be okay when he sings, “These are nowhere near the best years of your life”.  People say, “Enjoy these days while they last because these really are the best years of your life.”  But they aren’t for me!

Please play this song, not just for me, but maybe it’ll give other teenagers faith as it does for me.  

Thank you!  
Pagosa Springs, CO

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