Listener Request - April 14, 2012


Hello Bob,

Five years ago, I met Eric.   The evening we met, we stayed up all night talking into the morning about all the things we had in common, which was just about everything under the sun.   After being up all night, I went home, called my sister, and told her I’d just met the man I was going to marry.   Four years later, we got married on April 15th, 2011.

There is nobody in the world that could possibly be more right for me.  He is hard working, caring, funny, smart and without a doubt my very best friend.  I feel like we are so lucky to have found each other so early in life and even look forward to being with him when we are old and wrinkly!

Our wedding song was “I Need You” by Tim and Faith, so I would like to dedicate it to my husband with my love, today, tomorrow and forever.  

Thank you,
Bellingham, MA



Dear Bob,

I am 36 years old and have struggled all my life to find the person I could call my perfect love.  But last year, I was working one day when this very beautiful woman came into my shop to get an oil change.  Now, I’d never had a hard time talking to anyone, but with this one I was a blabbering fool.  I knew from the very moment I met her I was going to marry her.  I promptly took care of her vehicle and, completely out of character, I asked her out!  In fact it was against the rules, and could have gotten me fired.

Well, she didn’t accept at first, but did give me her phone number.   And after a few days, I convinced her to come for a home cooked dinner.  In hindsight, I don’t know what I was thinking, because I prepared a very hearty meal of chicken fried steak, gravy with mashed potatoes and other ‘manly’ foods.  But, it was okay she not only came over, Mary stayed for hours, and we talked until midnight.  Then I walked her to her truck, leaned in, and kissed her.

That was April of 2011, and what a romance.  One year later, we’re getting married.  If you can, please play Kenny Chesney’s, “Me and You” because we will be driving in the car on our way to Galveston to board a honeymoon cruise.

Austin, TX

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