Listener Request - April 21, 2012


Hi Mr. Kingsley,

It’s been one year now that my dad has been in Ocean View Continuing Care Center and I see him often.  On the average of four times a week, I leave work and drive out there, listening to the local country station en route.  And I miss our visits when bad weather or something else keeps me from going.Hi Mr. Kingsley,

Well, whenever I hear the Trace Adkins’ song, “Just Fishin’”, I think of my dad and smile.  My parents have four girls, of which I’m the third, and I have wonderful memories of fishing with dad on Campbell River Lake in British Columbia, when I was growing up.

I remember one particular trip when he took all three of us with him.  The fish weren’t biting, and dad said, “Well girls, we’ll give it a few more minutes, and then we’ll try another spot.”  Those words were no sooner out of his mouth when all three of us were calling for his help simultaneously.  We all had a fish on the line!  It was loud family chaos, as you can imagine.  

Well that memory makes me chuckle and grin.  I’m thankful for the great memories of time spent with my dad and I appreciate making more memories every chance I get.  

Thank you,

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia



Dear Bob,

Four years ago, I had the difficult task of leaving my first-born at college, two states away from home.  Now, as we near graduation in May, I once again have the task of letting him go.  I know, no matter what path he decides to pursue, my boy will be leaving home and starting his own life.  I won’t be there to bandage scrapes and bruises, or make sure he takes his coat!  I just have to have faith that the person my husband and I raised makes the right decisions.

The song “My Wish” may have been written and sung by men, but it’s every mom’s song.  Could you please play it?  Not only for me and my son, Bruce, but for all the parents who are facing the same thing I am.  

Thank you so much,
East Freetown, MA

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