Listener Request - June 2, 2012


Dear Bob,

I’m a country girl.  I grew up in the sticks my whole life, and I love it.  We are very lucky to live by the ocean and do a lot of sailing.  Every summer, we pick a theme song for our sailing adventures... And “Knee Deep” by the Zac Brown Band was the winner last summer.  We have yet to choose this year’s theme, but we’re ready.  

Our boating season here in Nova Scotia is so short that we tend to sail even on rainy days!  But with great country music playing, it makes every day sunny.  Here’s hoping for a beautiful sailing season heading our way.

Thanks for all the great music and keep it coming!  
Debbie and Steven
Halifax, Nova Scotia CAN



Hi Bob!

I’m a 17-year-old guy writing to you from the Iowa farmland, and this special request is in honor of my grandfather.  Truth is, he was more of a best friend than a grandfather.

When I was little, he would let me sit in the racecar he had, and to this day, I still have pictures of that.  He was also known for the old red and white ford he drove and for his goofing around behavior.

He was a strong worker too, making the races go off properly at the Benton County Speedway, every Sunday.  I’d get out there and see him in the water trucks, cigarette in one hand and the steering wheel in the other... Giving me a toothy grin as I walked up.

There’s a song by Alan Jackson that reminds me of sitting next to him in the water trucks during the races as a kid, and listening to him tell me stories and teaching me how to drive those old trucks.  So, in memory of Dwayne Burkey, who I wish was still here today, please play the song “Drive”.  

Vinton, IA

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