Listener Request - June 9, 2012


Dear Bob,

I love country music, I was born here in the United States, I work for my dad driving trucks and right now, I am just trying to graduate high school!

When I was a young kid, my friends and I would go to the lake in my dad’s truck and we would always roll down the windows and turn the radio up as loud as we could get it.

My best friend, Joel, got me to listen to country music and I started to love it with the very first song I heard.  It was, “Would You Go With Me” by Josh Turner.  Since that day, I left my rock music and joined the country.

If you could play that song now, it would remind me of how those good old days were and I’d be so happy.  

Thank you,
Holyoke, CO



Hi Bob,

I met Joshua when I was 17, and he was 14.  Yeah, we were pretty young and weren’t thinking then that some day we would end up in love with each other.  But one day, we were riding in the backseat of my uncle’s van on our way to go fishing, and Josh said to me, “Promise you will always be there for me and always love me, for me.”

No question we’d become more than just friends!  The big problem was, all his other friends didn’t like us being together.  And they really pressured him to push me away.  They succeeded and I let it be.

Then, a year ago Joshua did something very serious, which landed him in the hospital and that crisis brought us right back together.  Not too long after that, was when I found out I was pregnant.  The great thing was, he was fine with it, even excited though he was not even 18.  But all that excitement died when I miscarried, and that’s when our love fell out.

I believe that in time, Josh will come around.  But he’s still just 18 now and deserves to be free and have fun.  Either that, or he will stop loving me completely.  There’s a song that kind of sums up our story together, especially the end.  So, can you please play “Red Rag Top”?  

Thank you for reading my letter,  
Grand Junction, CO

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