Listener Request - July 7, 2012


Dear Bob,

When I was a raising my kids, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to sit down.  But when I did, my favorite chair was on the back deck of my parent’s home here in Fair Oaks.  I’d sit with my mom and talk about family and the stepping-stones of her life.        

Mom had beautiful eyes, creased with lines of laughter.  We’d sip coffee and recall the moments that wove our lives together.  Once in a while, dad would peek out the window and ask if we wanted something from the store.  Our little talks would always end with:  “Mom, got to go.  Kids waiting”.

I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my mom.  And after her brain aneurysm, as I sat in that chair, I did most of the talking… everything that was going on with the kids and all the gossip of their lives mostly.  Then, the clock would tick back to my kids.  I’d give mom a gentle kiss, wave goodbye to dad and I would run back into my life.

We had our back porch coffee visits for, I’m guessing, 15 years before mom, and then dad, passed away.  But I’ll always have the beautiful memories of some time very well spent.

The song I’m requesting is “Don’t You Wanna Stay” because every time I’d get up to leave that chair, my mom would always say, “Oh, stay.  And finish your coffee”.  Two sips, and I was gone always to return to mom and dad and their welcoming smiles the following day.   

Fair Oaks, CA



Hi Bob,

There is a line in Billy Currington’s song “People Are Crazy” that goes:  “He lit a cigarette... Said these damn things will kill me yet.”  And it reminded me of my father.  I have often wished my dad were still alive just so he could see how my life has turned out, and what I’ve accomplished.  But dad chose to smoke and drink until it was way too late, and the damage was done.

Well, this year, at the age of 51, I decided it was time to quit smoking, and this past Friday marks 15 weeks since I stopped.  I have a great wife, two great children and a good job, and I did not want what happened to dad, to happen to me.  I want to be around so that I can see how my children’s lives turn out.

So, I’m happy to say with that song, a little help from an app on my smart phone, and it really being time to quit, I am now a much healthier non-smoker!  And if you could play “People Are Crazy,” just maybe someone else will hear something in that song that will inspire them to quit some bad habit too!   

Thank you,
Fresno, CA