Song Spotlight - Edens Edge- Too Good To Be True


Some new artists try to drive home a certain sound or image with their initial releases, but Arkansas natives Edens Edge have picked a dynamically “different” follow-up to last year’s “Amen.”

While “Amen” was a laid-back introduction to the group’s tight harmonies and traditional country music leanings, “Too Good to Be True” is a dark and bouncing warning:

Don’t be fooled
He ain’t nothing but too good to be real
Don’t believe the way he’s makin’ you feel
He’ll break your pretty heart in two
Mama told me ’bout boys like you
Too good to be true

“If “Amen” was the eden then ‘Too Good to Be True’ is the edge.” says guitarist/dobro player Dean Berner.  

The tune’s distinct production soars with Hannah Blaylock’s sultry lead vocals and Cherrill Green’s banjo licks but features a modern vibe that stands out from the rest of their debut on Big Machine records.

Edens Edge may be in Nashville’s freshman class, but a song like “Too Good to Be True” shows glimpses of the command and depth of seasoned veterans.

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