Listener Request - July 28, 2012


Dear Bob,

Last September, at the age of 48, I made a major move.  With plans for a new life, I shipped my stuff, packed a suitcase and left my homeland of Germany and took off for Tampa, Florida. But, soon my dream became a nightmare.  

Problems popped right away and the people I thought to be friends showed their true face and turned away.  Then, I found my apartment was contaminated with mold and I had to find another place.  But the strange odor was following me!  An expert suggested I get rid of everything and possibly move up north!  And eventually, that’s what I did.   

Boston had been one of my favorite cities for many years and so I started over once again.  This time, I’m happy to say I found a nice apartment with good transportation to downtown.  I don’t have to miss the four seasons, I’m only miles from the beach, the city is still great, and I met Judy... The nicest and loveliest woman of “my world.”

So to thank Judy for making me feel like I have finally arrived at home please play a song about her:  Keith Urban’s “Sweet Thing”.  

Thanks a lot!  
Quincy, MA



Hey Bob!

I am a firefighter and I’ve been deemed an “Eric Church fanatic” at my work.  Well, I take pride in knowing that many of my fellow firefighters are now E.C. fans because of me.

My wife Amberley is also a fan, and we recently were married.  Amberley is the best wife. You see, when I am not working as a firefighter, I fill in as an E.M.T. And whenever I have a day off, I love to go hunting or fishing.  Now all this can be a little hard to deal with, but my wife has stuck by me through it all.

I realize nothing could ever overcome the love I have for her.  So, fittingly, I would like to request Eric’s “Love Your Love The Most.” It’s this song that symbolizes our lives to a ‘T’.

Thank you,
Bladenboro, NC