Listener Request - August 4, 2012


Hi Bob,

Back on Father’s Day in 2001, my husband Charlie had a life-saving liver transplant.  Now, the fact is, before that, Charlie had a lot of dirt on him.  I mean, he led a lifestyle that let his family down, was anything but calm, and boy could he hold a grudge.

But with a new lifestyle of sobriety, Charlie was able to dance at both of our son’s weddings and now enjoys watching his grandchildren grow.  He also helps anyone that needs him, no longer holds grudges, and is pretty much a diamond without the dirt.  Now he is still by no means perfect, but the moment I heard Tim McGraw’s song “Better Than I Used To Be”, I knew that should be my husband’s anthem.

Charlie, please know that your family and friends are so proud of the man you have become and can testify that you are “better than you used to be”!  

Maynard, MA



Dear Bob,

My wife and I married young.  Sandra was just 15 and I was only 17.  One day before football practice, we found out from the local clinic that we were going to have a baby.  What were we going to do?  We were just kids ourselves.  I thought about just taking off, leaving the whole situation, but my heart wouldn’t let me.  So, in November of 1993, we were married... and in April of ‘94, Sandra gave birth to a beautiful little girl who we named Alexandria, Alexis for short.  We were both so scared when we took her home that morning.  But, we made a promise that we would always be there for her, and give her the love she would ever need.

Well, 18 years later, Alexis just graduated high school as an honor student and will be attending Texas Tech this fall.  When it comes time for her to leave home, we’d like her to know that “our little girl” - “our everything” is beginning a new chapter in her life.  And though the odds were stacked against her mom and me, we made it, are still together, and still a family.  

To mark this milestone, could you please play “There Goes My Life” by Kenny Chesney?  Sandra and I would really appreciate it.  

Thank you,
Lubbock, TX