Listener Request - November 3, 2012


Hi Bob,

I am a 23-year-old single mom of an awesome daughter who is my life.  Having her makes life worth living, and she makes me want so much more from life.

I never thought I could have kids and the very day I found out I was having a baby girl, I turned on the radio and the song “In My Daughter’s Eyes” was playing.  I just love the song and the sound of Martina’s voice.  It touches my heart and gives me hope that life will be amazing with her.  

Thank you,
Hermiston, OR



Dear Bob,

The song I’d like to request is “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks.  Coming up is the second anniversary of my husband Michael’s death, and ever since I lost him I look back at just how much I took him for granted!

When we met I was a single mom with 4 small children, and thought that was just how it was going to be, but Michael had different plans.  He was a fantastic dad to my kids; going to football practices and games, getting up at the crack of dawn to take my son trapping, and going to dance classes with the two youngest girls while I worked nights.  My oldest girl worked one summer at the state fair, and Michael got her to work every morning by six and picked her up later, no matter the time.

When Michael’s heart began to give out I became his caregiver, but I still found myself relying on him for advice and support in everything, every day. Thankfully when he died, it happened peacefully - in his sleep.  But, it sure wasn’t long before I realized what an impact this man had made in all of our lives.  And that song by garth is just so true.  

Rome, NY