Listener Request - November 10, 2012


Hi Bob,
I’m from Nebraska and after my dad and husband passed away, I moved to here to New Hampshire to start anew.  But no matter where I was, I was always surrounded by music.  Growing up, my aunt Eva owned a music store in Beatrice, Nebraska and every Saturday I was there, 8 to 4, to work and loved every second of it.  And even before that, I met a lot of singers when they stayed at my grandmother’s boarding house in the 60s and 70s.

Well, I met my husband, John, in 1980 and we had a wonderful life.  Music was always playing, whether we were in the garage restoring an old car, camping, or traveling the back roads on a Sunday afternoon in the jeep.

The song I’d like to request is George Strait’s “I Just Want To Dance With You”.   Whenever my husband John and I heard one of our songs come on, we would stop what we were doing and wrap up into each other’s arms and dance.  Now, I just look up to the stars and say thank you for loving me.

Campton, NH



Dear Bob,
It was just my little daughter Harly and me for a long time.  So when my husband Levi came into the picture, it filled such a void in our lives.  When Levi proposed, he proposed to Harly too!  She was only two at the time, but Levi bought her a little ring, got down on one knee, and asked if he could be her daddy and if he could love her and her mommy forever.

At our wedding, he had written daddy vows to Harly that made everyone, and I mean everyone, cry. And let me tell you, his love and support during the good times and bad has brought me to a new level of gratitude! Like our camping “honeymoon” that we spent in a freezing cold leaking tent with wet dogs and a terrified 3 year old.  All we could do was laugh and admit the fact that things don’t always go as you plan.

So, for the man who traded time with his buddies for bedtime stories I’m requesting that you play “He Didn’t Have To Be” and send it out to Levi, the best thing that ever happened to me.   

Thank you,
Springfield, OR