Listener Request - January 12, 2013


Hey Bob,

I would like to hear a song by Kenny Chesney called “Don’t Blink”.  Life passes by way too quickly, and the words of this song have been written by someone who obviously knows!  We need to enjoy our families more, and not take our time for granted!

Robinson, TX

timmcgraw-grownmendontcryHi Bob,

I have been working in construction for 30 years and I’m the single dad of three awesome sons, ages 8 to 25.  It’s now been just a month since we got the news of all those innocent school kids whose lives were stolen from them at Sandy Hook.

My prayers go out to all the victims and surviving family members.  The time of year has made it especially difficult to grieve the loss of a loved one, let alone a whole nation and beyond.

My boss and one of my sons and I were all driving to work when we could hear the president break down trying to hold back tears while trying to finish reading all the names.  When I looked over, there wasn’t a dry eye in the truck for the rest of that ride.  My special request is Tim McGraw’s “Grown Men Don’t Cry,” because all of us in this family sure do.  

Thank you,
Lincoln, CA