Listener Request - January 26, 2013


Hi Bob,

I grew up in a small Missouri town where everybody knew everybody else, and knowing the same families that my parents knew when they were kids. One of the constants was local school sports and my mother never missed a game my sisters or I was involved in.  In fact, after we all grew up she continued to be our greatest fan.  In her 49 years, my mother gave her all to her family, and expected nothing in return.

In 2007, when she was diagnosed with cancer, she was so strong and ready to fight it.  She was successful for a while, but then the cancer returned.  She fought once again, but she didn’t make it.  Mom passed away two days before her 50th birthday.

Could you play Craig Morgan’s “Tough”?  She will always be my hero... Truly defining the term ‘tough’.  And I could not have asked for a more loving and caring example of what a hero is.

Trenton, MO



martinamcbride-imgonnaloveyouthroughitDear Bob,

1998 was quite a year for my wife, Vicky. On her birthday in August of ‘98, we spent it in the hospital while she underwent a biopsy and was told that she had breast cancer.  After further surgery, chemotherapy was started. Well, I’ve got to tell you during this time I saw strength like I had never seen in another human being.  What this does to a person cannot be understood unless you go through it yourself.

In December of that same year, our first grandchild was born, we celebrated another wedding anniversary, and by that time the chemo portion of her treatment was done.  Then came the radiation...five days a week.

Well, happy to say now that was 14 years ago, and as we just celebrated our 34th anniversary, she is now a 14-year survivor!  There’s one song that has tremendous meaning for those affected and their caregivers:  Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.”  And I, along with our two daughters and six grandchildren, would love if you played it.  

Thank you,
Hillsdale, MI