Listener Request - February 9, 2013


Dear Mr. Kingsley,

19 years ago, On January 22nd, my best friend Jesse Metcalf died in a traffic accident. Jesse and I met when we were freshmen in high school and despite being as musically opposite as possible -- we instantly became best friends. While Jesse liked Rush and Ozzy... I was diehard Waylon and Hank Jr.! Still, Jesse tried to teach me guitar, though it was a failure. My friend was just the ultimate free spirit, and after high school and a hitch in the army, he traveled all over. And then one day out of the blue, he would just show up at my door.

Almost two decades later, I’m an Air Force veteran, father of 3 and have steady work manning the help desk for a health insurance company. But boy, I miss him every day. Could you please play Kenny Chesney’s “Who You’d Be Today” in honor of my best friend? I miss you my brother.

West Warwick, RI


blakeshelton-godgavemeyouHi Bob,

When I was 21, I was very down and depressed, having a hard time coping after leaving my marriage of two years… the relationship was very unhealthy. It was then that I met this guy through mutual friends. His name was Ian and we had more in common than just our blonde hair and blue eyes. He had just gotten out of a messy relationship as well. It was a very slow ride in the trust department, but somehow we just clicked. Spending time together, I began to feel better about myself, and Ian looked at me as a person, rather than a 22-year-old loser in marriage.

We have now been together well over a year and a half and I’ve never been happier. Our one constant problem is that Ian is a long haul truck driver and so we only get to see each other when he gets home. So, please play the song that expresses my situation best: Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You”.

Thank you,
Charlottetown, PEI