Listener Request - August 17, 2013


Hey Bob,

As you know, sometimes a certain song can become a theme for a road trip...and I’ve definitely got one of those. In 1999, when I was 5, my family drove from Canada all the way to Texas with our camper, for a Christmas holiday. It seemed like every time we were in the truck we heard this song, and it soon became my family’s holiday traveling song. 

On the way to Texas we met up with my grandparents, who’ve now both recently passed away. Even though I was only 5 at the time, I still remember driving in our old dodge truck that we called the "old goat", and standing on the beach feeding seagulls goldfish crackers. I guess Canadians are supposed to be immune to the cold winter. But whenever we get the chance, we pack our sandwiches for the road, hop in the truck, and hit the road headed south for warm and sunny places ranging from Florida to the coast of Mexico. And listening to that one song from back in 1999, allows me to relive those amazing trips that our family has taken, and lets me dream of new ones to come: Kenny Chesney’s “How Forever Feels”.

Emerson, Manitoba


georgestrait-giveitallwegottonightDear Bob,

In my late teens, my parents decided to move to the country, and I moved with them... Eventually getting my own place just down the road. Well, not that I knew it then, but soon after I was on my own, the love of my life moved just up the road from me. His name was Chance and we started sharing our free time together. I was a single mother of an amazing three-year-old boy, and he so graciously welcomed my son into his life with open arms. About a year and half later, my son and I moved in with him.

Between my nursing, school, raising my son and chance’s cattle and farming business, our lives are crazy busy but we love every minute of it.  And we are planning a wedding next month. We plan to have "Give It All We Got Tonight" as our wedding song. So, that is my special request.

Love and thanks!
St. Mary’s, KS