Song Spotlight - Brantley Gilbert - Country Must Be Country Wide

brantleygilbert-countrymustbeOne never really knows how the course of their life may be impacted by unforeseen events, and singer/songwriter Brantley Gilbert can attest to that probably as well as anyone.  A near-fatal car accident a little over five years ago served as a catalyst for making country music a career.  Living life to its fullest and taking nothing for granted, he says, “If you’re going to live, do something with it.  Make it great.”

Since that fateful day, he’s definitely set on doing something with his life.  As a songwriter, he’s had great success with tunes like “My Kinda Party,” and “Dirt Road Anthem”… big hits for Jason Aldean.  (They both hail from Georgia, so perhaps that explains Jason’s affinity for Brantley’s songs).  

In addition to country music, Brantley grew up listening to rock bands like the B-52s, R.E.M., and Lynyrd Skynyrd, influences that have shaped his music into a veritable melting pot of country, soul, and rock.  A perfect example of the rock influence is his first single to enter our countdown titled, “Country Must Be Country Wide,” coming out of his sophomore album, Halfway To Heaven.  The gritty, backwoods groove couches his vocal to match, and the lyrics portray the idea that, no matter what part of the country you’re from, there’s a “country” influence to be found.  How fast and how high will Mr. Brantley go?  You can track his progress each weekend by tuning in to The Country Top 40!