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Brantley Gilbert, who has been sober since 2012, never hid from the fact that he overcame a drinking problem.



When Billy Currington first moved to Nashville in the early '90s, the underage singer from southeast Georgia snuck into a songwriter's night at Douglas Corner Cafe.


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"It's our generation," said Jason Aldean. "And I don't think it's a big deal."


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Tanya Tucker’s remarkable life and career is the subject of an upcoming exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.



The boys who love to party hard also know how to kick back and relax in style.



gatlin brothers

Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers 

Listen to their hit 'All the Gold in California'


In 1963, Buck Owens topped the country charts with ‘Act Naturally,’ which opened with the prophetic line, “They’re gonna put me in the movies.” —later covered by the Beatles.  But decades before that tune was a hit, Country stars were already trading the concert stage for the sound stage. Here are some of today’s Country stars giving it a try too!


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Dylan, Cash, and the Nashville Cats: A new Music City.