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Our Song Spotlight this week highlights a tune by a true country superstar. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Garth Brooks’ early musical influences included a variety of artists ranging from James Taylor to George Jones…but it was ultimately George Strait’s single, “Unwound,” that hooked him on country. Garth attended Oklahoma State University on a track scholarship, and graduated with a degree in advertising…something that’s no doubt come in handy during his subsequent music career, which has been stellar in every respect. With over 134 million albums sold, Garth has been certified by the Recording Industry Association of America as the top-selling solo artist of the 20th century. He is also the fastest-selling album artist in RIAA history, and the only solo artist to have 6 albums top the 10 million mark. Awards? From the AMA, to CMA, to Billboard, to the Grammys and more…there are just too many to list here. In 2011, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, and in 2012 he followed that up with an induction into the Country Music Hall Of Fame. So…how much more could one guy possibly have going for him? Well, for starters, he’s married to a lady with one of the greatest female voices in country music…Trisha Yearwood. Recently he came out of retirement to begin his world tour with Trisha, and they’ve already sold over a million tickets in just over four months.

Garth’s most recent contribution to the countdown comes in the form of a tune titled, “Mom.” Written by Don Sampson and Wynn Varble, it’s an emotional song about a conversation between God and an unborn child who’s afraid to leave heaven and go to earth. God assures the baby that there’s a woman there who will take care of his every need, and ultimately put him on the path to bring him back to Him. Just how emotional is it? Well, it’s a tough one for even Garth to sing. He says, "It took me almost a month to get it together to record it. My producer finally told me to ‘man up’ and do it." And “do it” he did. Whether he’s singing on the Ellen Degeneres show, Good Morning America, or at a concert…people are visibly and understandably moved to tears. Haven’t heard it yet? No problem, you can do that right now, right here at Simply locate the title under the “HEAR” category, and enjoy! (Oh, and don’t forget the tissues).





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