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Our Song Spotlight this week falls on a tune by a superstar admired far and wide. Hailing from Clinton, Oklahoma, Toby Keith has not only worked tirelessly to provide music for fans at home, but he has also gone time and again with the USO to support our men and women in uniform abroad…often at remote military bases. With music that celebrates everything from the soldier to drinking...Toby’s success is due largely to his ability to identify with people through his music.



Toby’s latest contribution to the countdown is yet another drinking song, called 'Drunk Americans.' It’s the first single out of an upcoming album, titled '35 MPH Town,' and Toby describes it as what would happen if his past hits 'I Love This Bar' and “American Ride” were to have a child, and 'Beers Ago' would be an uncle. Looking to go retro with it, Toby says “It sounds just exactly like what I did in the last decade,” and he recorded it because it “felt like a smash” to him. It’s undeniably Toby from beginning to end, and if you haven’t heard it yet… you can hear it right here on our website. Just locate it under the “HEAR” category, and enjoy!






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Friday, 08 August 2014 23:36